Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fresh OJ!

So, my mom bought us a box of oranges over the Christmas holiday from the 4H in my community. Why she bought us an entire case of oranges I have no idea. Seems like I'm the only one that willingly eats fruits and vegetables in the house anyway but there were more than enough in that box to last us a good long time. Problem is that 1. Even though oranges do last a while from their natural citrus acid, the don't last INDEFINITELY and 2. as they DO age the fruit flies just LOVE it. Bleh! So, I finally got around to juicing these guys and even got to use the antique milk glass juicer that I purchased a few years ago. I love antiques that you can still use after many many years. I saw some old metal juicers at an antique store a few days back but seems like you can get more juice out of these and it stows better in the cabinet than another bulky contraption. Your hands will definitely be tired, however, but the juice is yummy!