Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakfast Guest

So, you say you're thinking about getting chickens, eh? I had just gone upstairs with my tea this morning when my husband whispers loudly downstairs "psst! Where's the camera?" This fellow was sitting just at the bottom of the porch stairs happily munching away on something. It just so happens that I had cooked a turkey on Sunday and rendered the carcass down for stock. Pat threw it out in the woods yesterday and this is probably the result. He was happily snacking and looks clean and healthy so we didn't think he was near the house on account of rabies. He was probably picking his teeth with turkey ribs when Pat saw him. We had to tip toe around the kitchen so as not to scare him off. He's got nice black socks and ears and his coat is nice and orange. I don't see any ribs either so I know he's been pigging out on not just turkey carcasses. I wonder if this is the same guy that came by a few years ago in the summer. He snooped around the front porch and then around the tree line in the driveway. We don't mind him and he hasn't caused any trouble yet.

"...and thank you for the turkey carcass...amen."

Here I caught him with a mouthful of turkey. It looks like he's snarling but I snapped the photo right when he was chomping down on turkey skin.

He's got the prettiest tail!