Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Toad Motel

I got home late from a hell day at my day job this past friday. It had been raining all day and when I went to go over the bridge in the driveway I realized at the last minute that the rock in the puddle near the bridge was not a rock. I hit the brakes and opened the door hoping not to see smeared toad. Stupid toad looked up and me and proceeded to try to hop under the car. Mind you it was night out and still raining. I reached down and grabbed him and we went to my house. I was lucky to nab him on the first try but then I realized that it was still rather cold outside and he was moving slow.
I found another use for a worm composter. It serves as a toad buffet in a snap! I made a little nest for toad in our small foot bath plastic tub and lots of dirt, leaves, and worms. It fit perfectly snug in an old paper grocery bag and there we left him for the night. I put the paper bag over the tub so the cats wouldn't get him and so he wouldn't do any midnight wandering. It must have been toad baby making season because about 4:00am the kitchen began to sound like a bizarro jiffy pop. I woke up to the sound of "Peep!Peep!"*POP*"Peep!Peep!*POP*POP* I went into the kitchen to see what the hell. He would sing a few peeps and then pop up to hit the top of the bag! He wanted out so I let him go.... but not before I had a photo shoot. Mwuhahahahaha!

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  1. Oh, he's awfully pretty. When I was a kid we had a lot of toads and we fed them with bits of hamburger dangled from thread.Did you see my toad print?