Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Goats!

Spring has arrived and with it new friends!  Some friends of mine have dairy goats and I want some friends for Legend so here they are, newly born just yesterday!  Scottie is a good mom but she's also very tolerant of us handling her babies.  She gave birth to a little girl and a little boy.  Twins! Whew!

Here is cute little soft white girl!  She's got the prettiest little black stripes down the front of her face.  Her little ears are speckled with pepper.  Her whole body is white.  Only her head and some of her neck has splashes of black.  She's got virgated hooves as well.

She stuck close to mom and nursed most of the time I was there.  I couldn't blame her.  She's notably smaller than her brother.

Here is her brother, cute little soft brown boy!  He's solid brown except for a streak of white across his belly and his speckled ears and face.  He's got a black dorsal stripe with black guard hairs that remind me of a rabbit or squirrel.

He was very full of himself and came right up to greet me.  Granted, I'm hard to miss in my fuchsia rain coat.  He was as soft as a little rabbit.  Both of them were very downy!  The tips of his little ears were still folded.

He decided my fingers made for very good nibbling.

Legend will be in for a surprise.  "Huh? Babies? Who said anything about babies? I didn't say anything about babies."

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