Monday, May 19, 2014

The Goats of Spring

Spring is here and lovely new green leaves mean the buffet has arrived!  I'm pretty sure the goats are tired of just bamboo and hay.  The winter snow and ice fells a lot of pine and they love to clean up after that but it's just not the same and wandering through a mild spring morning in the shade of the trees while the birds are chattering.  It's been a good long time since I updated on these guys and I know Aunt Amy, Aunt Linda, and Pops Dube are wondering what is up so here we go:

Legend is the alpha goat.  He's mild but cranky in his old age.  Where does a 150+ lb. goat go? Anywhere he wants to go.  He likes the companionship but he's got no problem knocking the other two out of the way if he wants.  Here he has his regal camera pose.  He rules the roost even without horns. 

Brother and Sister like to stay together even if they butt heads more often than not.  Sometimes you can here them go clack!clack! when one or the other has something the other wants.  The altercation usually doesn't last long.  Sometimes when Pat and I are with them they will put on a play show that will last.  Then we can root for our favorite teams and place bets!

Odin is a true beta.  He can usually be found either kissing Legend's butt or competing with him half heartedly for resources.  Legend puts up with this for a few minutes before he knocks him out of the way.  Odin always cracks me up because if Pat or I are around, he usually diverts from kissing up to Legend to kissing up to one of us; which ever one has the most resources/power at the moment.

Vada is a lady and anything but meek.  She is low goat on the totem pole.  Thankfully, she is also the resident spitfire.  While the boys are busy competing with each other, she will go off on her own path to fend for herself.  You go girl.  She can be sweet too, when she wants, and both her and Odin will come up and lay down on you if they are so inclined. Not Legend.  No fluffy business for him.  He will lay down near you but will flip out if you try to rest against him.

As a white goat, she can be blinding in the sun sometimes.  She's usually pretty clean and I rarely see her get muddy or poke berry stained.  Always a lady.

After a full day of browsing, everyone likes to lounge in the lot and digest in the shade.  Legend looks like he is in the process of telling a bad joke and the rest are responding, "her, her, her, that funny."  Life is good in the spring time and bellies are full.  Can't wait to break into Lana's garden and eat everything when she's not looking!

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